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SCELC Transformative Agreements: Task Force Description & Membership


Feb 2020 SCELC Board: “Recommend formation of a diverse transformative agreement task force to work with SCELC libraries to establish shared values, goals, and objectives around these agreements” (The group was not launched till Spring 2022)


  1. Review transformative agreement values & goals documents from other consortia 

  2. Agree on a shared definition of transformative agreements

  3. Create, distill and debate a shared list of values & goals gleaned from the review and our combined individual experiences

  4. Seek SCELC member feedback / prioritization via a survey

  5. Share results via Channel One (May 6) 

  6. Finalize a SCELC Transformative Agreement Values & Goals document for recommendation to the board & posting on the website

  7. Review & advise on a plan to be drafted by SCELC staff to operationalize these goals


The task force met biweekly from March through May 2022, with optional agenda-free office hours/working sessions every other week.

Participants agreed to put in 1-2 hours before each biweekly meeting contributing to, reviewing and commenting in a shared document.

A big thanks to the co-chairs who provided scoping, guidance and planning and led much of the discussion. 

Spring 2022 Task Force Members

The Transformative Agreement Task Force (TATF) includes representatives from the Collections & E-Resources Committee and the Scholarly Communications Committee as well as at-large representatives that volunteered in response to an open call to the SCELC Member community in an effort to reflect the broad diversity of SCELC institutions.

Name Institution FTE Role
Darlene Parker-Kelley Charles R Drew U 292 At Large
Jennifer Rich Hope International U 1168 At Large
LadyJane Hickey Austin College 1221 At Large
Brian Chambers Occidental College 2048 At Large
George Porter CalTech 2997 SCC rep
John Tiffin Biola U 4390 CERC rep
Lev Rickards Santa Clara U 7769 SCC rep
Maria Savova Claremont Colleges 7794 At Large
Kristin Laughtin-Dunker Chapman U 8196 Co-Chair - SCC
Jeff Bond Texas Christian U 11938 At Large
Sarah Haight Sanabria Southern Methodist U 13256 At Large
Alyssa Resnick USC 49500 Co-Chair - CERC
Carly Ryan SCELC   Licensing Services
Jason Price SCELC   SCC Liaison

SCELCwide survey to identify & prioritize goals

TATF Presentation of Transformative Agreement Values Survey Results