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SCELC Wiley 2024-2026 Read and Publish Open Access Agreement

Agreement Terms 2024-2026


Multipayer Publish & Read Agreement

Term 2024-2026  
Fees Library cost neutral, Author grant funded APCs slowly lower library costs  
Participants Current SCELC Wiley Package Subscribers 64 Institutions
Publish Benefits APC discounts for grant funded corresponding authors
APC waivers for unfunded corresponding authors
Article Cap NONE  
APC Discount/

$1000 of List Price APC is covered for Grant Funded Authors

Full APC list is covered for Unfunded Authors

Eligible Journals
(OA Publishing) 

Wiley Fully OA Journals (+/-336)
Wiley Hybrid titles (+/-1316)
Exclusions: Hindawi Journals (260)

List of 1652
"Publish" journals
Eligible Author
Researcher, professor, adjunct faculty member, lecturer, graduate or undergraduate student  
Eligible Article Types Original Research and Review articles (including 13 specific categories)
Wiley's Concise Article Type Taxonomy (White Paper
Article Type Definitions
and SCELC Frequencies
License options Closed, Open CC-BY, Open CC-BY-NC, and Open CC-BY-NC-ND are common
(see Eligible Journals list above for options by journal)
Wiley's Creative Commons
License Details Page
Publishing History

SCELCs annual output (2017-2020): ~542 Articles
2022 Output: 

Institutional Publishing History
Read Benefits Access to closed articles 1997 to present  
Journals Include All Wiley Hybrid Journals (plus ~38 Fully Closed journals) 1354 'Read' Journals
Post Cancellation 
Access Rights
Included for all Closed articles content published during the term  
Workflow Slide and Video Detail
Eligibility Identification
  • Hybrid journal - Suggested automatically by Institutional affiliation (Ringgold ID)
  • Fully OA journal - Author must lookup/enter Agreement code (SSAP)
    • They can look this up under their institution name

Discounted APC + Author Grant Funding - Automatic

Agreement-funded articles - Institutional Affiliation manually confirmed by SCELC HQ 

Reporting Monthly to SCELC, Quarterly to Libguide Reporting Page
License SCELC Wiley 2024-2026 Read & Publish Agreement Agreement