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SCELC ACS 2022-25 Read & Publish Open Access Agreement

Agreement Terms



Cross-consortial Multipayer Read & Publish

Term July 1 2022 to December 2025; dependent on meeting
agreement-wide semiannual grant-funded APC thresholds
see Agreement thresholds
Fees Library cost neutral + Available author grant funding for 20-30% of articles  
Participants All 23 SCELC California + 1 Hawaii and 1 Idaho; 22 CSUs; 11 UCs See list
Publish Benefits [Multipayer Model - Authors asked to pay APC if grant funding is available] How the Agreement works
APC Discount x to y % to $3000; except for XX list price XXXX Standard ACS APC costs
APC Waivers Yes, Uncapped when grant funding is not available (subject to thresholds, see Term)
Eligible Journals All 79 subscription-based and fully open access ACS Journals See List
Eligible Authors Corresponding faculty, lecturer, staff, and student authors at subscribing institutions  
Eligible Articles "Article types vary by journal and eligibility is determined by journal editorial staff" 99% of ACS' modeling data:
WOS 'Article' or 'Review'
License options Closed, Open CC-BY, Open CC-BY-NC-ND See ACS' descriptions
Publishing History SCELCs annual ACS output: ~240 Articles [relative to 60 CSU, 1200 UC] Institutional Publishing History
Read Benefits Access to all closed articles in a library's existing package at a 3% annual increase  
Post Cancellation 
Access Rights
Included for all closed articles in a library's existing package during the Term  
Workflow Automated Author-driven split system approach see Author Info & Payment
Approval Automatic based on Author ID via ACS’ Journal Publishing Agreement system How to Publish ACS OA R&P
Payments via Copyright Clearance Center 'Rightslink', whether for Author Payment or Waiver Rightslink Author Portal Info
Wireframes Showing JPA and CCC author response pages View Wireframes
MOU Memorandum of Understanding providing full details of the Agreement Link to MOU
Contacts Contact with any questions about this agreement.
Questions about eligibility of specific articles may be directed to