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SCELC IOP 2023-25 Read & Publish Open Access Agreement

Author Impact

Why publish under a transformative agreement?

As well as removing the administrative burden of dealing with invoices for article publication charges,  authors can benefit from greater visibility and impact for their research. IOPP’s open access articles typically receive 81% higher downloads and 31% higher citations and 27% higher altmetric scores when compared with non-open access articles. [3 minute video]

How does publishing under a transformative agreement affect copyright?

  • The author retains copyright - retain full ownership and reuse
  • CC BY Creative Commons Attribution License
  • The article will be free to read
  • Form includes giving IOP the right to publish the article, representations and warranties (e.g. that you have permission to use any 3rd party content), and options applicable to US Government authors
  • FMI: 7 minute video on "Signing your copyright form to publish under a transformative agreement"

Eligible Authors

If you (1) are the article’s corresponding author, and (2) a current staff member, researchers (permanent, temporary and/or visiting) or student at an institution within the agreement at the time of submission, your article is eligible for open publishing under this agreement. 

IOPs system should automatically identify corresponding authors submitting from one of SCELCs participating institutions. If you submitted an article that should qualify but didn't receive an email confirming its eligibility, please contact

Funder Requirements & Journal Eligibility

IOPs Journal Finder checks if your chosen journal meets funder requirements, and if it is covered under the SCELC transformative agreement with IOP Publishing.

What if I don't want to publish open access? Can I still publish with IOP?

Yes. While the we recommend the open access option, and you can rest assured that there will be no additional per article charge to your Library, where and how you publish is your decision. The agreement with IOP does not mandate open access publishing, nor does it dictate your journal selection. Rather, it covers the costs of the open access publishing option for IOP journals. As with SCELCs other open access agreements, you can opt out. 

Additional Info

How can I learn more?

Review the IOP Transformative Agreement video channel.