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SCELC Springer 2023-24 Read & Publish Open Access Agreement

Agreement Terms


Capped Read & Publish Agreement

Term 2023 to 2024  
Fees ~ Library cost neutral  
Participants Current SCELC Springer Package Subscribers 68 Institutions
Publish Benefits Corresponding Author Article APCs in Hybrid Journals covered in full  
APC Fees Covered

550 Article Cap (2023): 101% of estimated hybrid publishing

Maximum value:
APC Value $3694 per article (2023)  
Growth 3% in number of waivers and contracted APC value  
Eligible Journals
(OA Publishing) 

Hybrid titles in Springer All+, Academic Journals on, Adis & Palgrave (Excludes Nature-branded and Scientific American titles as well as Springer Fully OA journals) (Also excludes 180 third-party titles from Pleiades Publishing)

2068 titles (in 2023)  
Eligible Authors Corresponding faculty, lecturer, staff, and student authors at subscribing institutions  
Eligible Article Types Original Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications, Continuing Education  
License options Closed, Open CC-BY, Open CC-BY-NC  
Publishing History SCELCs annual output: ~542 Articles Institutional Publishing History
Read Benefits Access to closed articles 1997 to present  
Journals Included  Springer All+, Academic Journals on, Palgrave and Adis 2366 (in 2023)
Post Cancellation 
Access Rights
Included for all content published during the Term  
Workflow Automated, Author-driven Overview Slides (PDF)
Identification Selected institution OR Institutional email  
Approval Automatic based on Author Identification  
Reporting Monthly to SCELC, quarterly to Libraries See Reports tab
License [Available to subscribers on the Consortia Manager Agreement page] CM Agreement
Additional Info

Springer Nature SCELC Agreement Author Information Page 

Springer Nature SCELC Agreement Guide for Institutions [Some edits needed]