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SCELC Elsevier 2024-27 Read & Publish Open Access Agreement

Agreement Terms


Read & Publish Agreement

Term 2024 - 2027
Fees ~ Library cost neutral
Participants Current SCELC Elsevier Journal Package Subscribers 37 Institutions
Publisher Description See selected details on Elsevier's Open Access Agreements website SCELC Agreement
Publish Benefits 'Core' Hybrid Journals (Uncapped)
Fully OA Journals (Capped)
APC Fees Covered

Core Hybrid Journals (Unlimited Corresponding Author Article APC Waivers)

  • Estimated waiver number: 2024: 350; 2025-2027 TBC

Fully Open Access Journals (Capped Corresponding Author Article APC Waivers)

  • Estimated waiver number: 2024: 89; 2025: 106; 2026: 126; 2027: 149

Growth Fully Open Access Journals: 24-25% growth in APC Drawdown Account value
APC Discount 10% in Fully OA journals (if Cap is exceeded in any given year)
Eligible Journals
(OA Publishing) 

Core hybrid titles in the ScienceDirect Freedom Collection plus 170 specialty journals, as well as core fully OA (Gold) titles

  • "excludes Cell Press, Lancet and Clinics titles, and some third-party publishers and societies"
  • Unlimited open publishing in Hybrid journals 
  • Limited publishing in Fully OA journals: Authors submitting to a fully open access Elsevier journal should be prepared to pay the APC at acceptance in the unlikely event that the number of fully OA journal articles published exceeds the limit in any given calendar year.

1806 Hybrid Journals

685 Fully OA (Gold) Journals

Eligible Authors Those with a participating institution email address. Use of the institutional email address  throughout is highly recommended, and OrcID entry is encouraged
Eligible Article Types

Full-length article, Short communication, Short survey, Review article, Data, Case report, Micro articles, Original software publication, Video article, Protocols, Replication studies, Practice guidelines

Eligible Article Dates Original acceptance date between 1 January 2024 and 31 December 2027.
License options

Closed (in Hybrid journals) and

Open CC-BY, Open CC BY-NC, Open CC-BY-NC-ND

Open Access Licenses
Retroactive Conversion Corresponding Authors that have published a journal article under a subscription model in a Core Hybrid Eligible Journal during the agreement may notify Elsevier by 31 January of the following year via email that they wish to retroactively convert the journal article to open access status, and such article will be changed to an open access article with appropriate open access terms for the Corresponding Author. If the Corresponding Author chooses a license other than CC-BY for an open access article, upon request of the Corresponding Author, Elsevier will work with the Corresponding Author to facilitate changing the license to CC-BY.  The author should contact the Journal Article Publishing Support Center to make the request, mentioning that they are covered under the SCELC agreement. More info  
Publishing History SCELCs annual output: 2022 Hybrid: 367; 2022 Fully OA: 63 Institutional Publishing History
Read Benefits Access to closed articles 1995 to present (Status quo by institution)  
Journals Included  Varies depending on Access Package: Freedom Collection, Subject Collection, UTL, College Edition (V1-present) 
Post Cancellation 
Access Rights
Included for Subscribed titles
(College Editions Subscribers have no Subscribed titles)
2024 lists available on request
Workflow Automated, Author-driven Overview Slides
Identification at Acceptance: Based on corresponding author institution at submission.    [propietary Ringgold-based list]
Approval Elsevier is confirming institutional affiliation on the back end. This manual approval does NOT delay open publication. 

Minimum metadata requirements are: Corresponding Author name, Corresponding Author affiliation, corresponding author e-mail, funding grant IDs (if provided), date of submission, date of acceptance, journal title, ISSN, article title, article type, article APC and discount (if any), open access Y/N, DOI, and CC license.

Elsevier will also provide access to SCELCs agreement publication dashboard on request.

Monthly to SCELC, quarterly to Libraries
License 2024 - 2027 License  
License Info

Individual institution schedules are omitted.
Subscribers can access the annual price, title list, title swap and post cancellation terms contained in their schedules from the version available through .

Consortia Manager 
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